Thursday, May 28, 2009

"I want the gold Daddy"!

May has been so full of great things and I cannot make time to blog about them when they happen so this one may be random. I will save my gardening post for next time. So, to start off this month, Bay had her Honeybees award night. Grandma, Daddy, and Mom were there to see her accept her certificate on stage. My baby is growing up. The Honeybees went first and then the older children followed. There were gold trophies for the older kids. Not sure what they did to get it but I am sure it involved a lot of Bible verses or books. Anyway, after Bay got her certificate we all sat in the pew(sp?) and watched everyone else. Bay saw the gold and said repeatedly throughout the evening, "Dad, I want the gold!!!!" Too funny. Go for the gold girl! I always fear taking the girls to places where they are expected to sit and be quiet. June was in the nursery so I didn't have to worry about her. I was so proud of Bay. She was very patient, still, and quiet. She even asked to go pee. So we went to the big potty. She is such a good girl.

That night, our dear friends Joy and Jarrod and their 3 girls brought over a kitchen and a few games for the girls. They love it. They play with it everyday.

The game above is called Balancing Moon. It teaches color, shape/size, and control. Aslo, patience. Especially when you have a little sister knocking it over before the game is done. So, May 6 was a great day for the girls. Almost like Christmas.

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