Friday, May 1, 2009

Today's gifts

My girls give me several things everyday. Some good some bad. Today, I took notice as they gave me a couple of gifts outside. Bay brought dandelions and a "little tree". It was a twig of lavender that didn't grow. So I broke it off an threw it on the ground a few days ago. She found it today. June brought me some dirt. Sweet gifts.
About a week ago, I found some four leaf clovers and today I decided to hunt for more since we have such a large patch in our backyard now. I found maybe 5 more. I wondered when all this luck was going to show up. Well then I checked my mail and guess what I got? JURY DUTY! on June 1. How the heck am I suppose to do that with 2 children? My two choices are 1) ask my stay-at-home mom friend if she can babysit that day, or 2) Tony takes off work. They picked my name twice when I was in college but I got out of it because I was at school out of town. The thing about Jury duty here is that it is downtown where there is paid parking. yuck. The letter said there would be discount parking nearby. They pay 12.50 so I guess I will be making a few dollars off of it after gas and parking. Geez. such an inconvenience though. I wonder if stay-at-home mom counts as an excuse? doubt it.
Since Bay had picked several dandelions we decided to put them in our toes and show off our new toenail polish. I bought a mini pack in the dollar section of Target. This is the second time I have painted her toenails but the first time I have used a bit of color.

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Jenny said...

Love the gifts!

Oh man, that really stinks about jury duty!!! I would absolutely hate to get it.