Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My girl got mad tricks yo!

Bay is so funny. I am realizing she is my pretty princess that wants to stay inside and be pampered. She tells me "it is too hot, I want to go inside mom"when it is only 70 degrees. Boy is she in for a treat this summer when we go to the beach. (She asks me every morning, "can we go to Dauphin Island now?") Daddy was trying to get her to eat the last bit of her food one night. In the past we told her that it would make her muscles big. That worked. The girl wants to be strong. This time, he told her it would make her smart. That didn't interest her. I guess she doesn't want to get smarter. So he told her she would turn into a pretty princess if she ate it. That worked. she ate it. Then she got upset because she didn't turn into a pretty princess right after she ate it. She is a bit girly for me but it reminds me of how God makes us ladies. We all want to be pretty princesses and be swept off our feet and protected forever. I am very blessed to have a husband who makes me feel this way. Bay's future husband will have his hands full. I will continue to pray for that man now as God prepares him for her and vice versa. And the reason for this post was to show a 2 min. video of Bay dancing and singing but blogger won't let me upload it. I tried to upload it for about 7 hrs and it still wasn't finished. so I gave up. Here is a picture of her princess self instead. She is wearing a clover flower crown made by the queen.

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