Monday, February 22, 2010

Can we talk?

I was happily taking a nap on the couch with the hubby when his on-call cell phone beeped. I decided to finish my nap in the bed. I guess I eventually went to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about phones and how much things have changed. Do you remember home phones that had all the cords? I know many people still have a home phone but most people I know just have cell phones. Cell phones with numbers already programmed in them. I remember memorizing many many phone numbers. My mom had a rolladex. Not even sure how to spell that. I still remember some of my childhood friends' phone numbers. I guess I called them alot. Now, I couldn't tell you anyones number except mine and my husbands. So I think back to my childhood... I am talking on my home phone to a friend for hours(what was there to talk about?) but I get thirsty or hungry or need to potty. 2 solutions: 1)tell them to hold and put the phone down. 2) add a 100 ft cord to your phone so you can walk around the house. I did both. We had a LONG cord. Then came the cordless phone! awesome! The bad thing about them was static sometimes. One might have to change the channel to hear better or need to charge them. Then there was all the fancy extras like mute, call waiting, and three-way calling. Used them all. Me and my friend would call a boy on three-way. So sneaky and deceitful to hide one person. Then there was prank calling. Man we had some fun with that. Hello?-Is your refrigerater running? you better catch it-click- ha haha ha. So stupid. I guess when you are 10 there isn't much to do. This was before caller ID which would come later and ruin all the fun. First came *69. That would tell you who just called. right? there was another one to block or hide your number when you called someone. Then the cordless wasn't good enough. How far would it go? I remember thinking how great it would be to take the cordless with me (like a cell phone). Then came the car phone. Which was huge and bulky. Never had that. I had a friend who did though. I went everywhere without a phone. Now it never leaves my side it seems. And now a days you never know what a phone will sound like. Back then it was "rinnnnggggg, rinnnnggggg". That's it. plan and simple.Then I thought back to my original issue that started all this crazy thinking- hubby's on-call cell. What did his company do back in the 80's? Were there pagers then? hmmm... not sure. Either they had to wait at home for a call or check their answering maching for messages. Remember those? We had lots of fun recording on that. I know my husband has a few stories about answering machines. Anyway, I just wanted to stir up some of your memories . I wonder what my kids will remember and what phone technology will look like 20 yrs from now.

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