Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know kids are happy that school is out but nothing has change here in the standrod house except all the fun things have been canceled. The girls are too young and wimpy too go sleding for extended period of time. Instead, we stay at home and I just keep injuring myself. Neck/back pain(which is much better now even though I didn't see the chiropractor), gibson scratched my eye, and I sprained my wrist shoveling the evil snow. So I don't get to make my chocolate covered pretzels for Honeybees tonight because it has been CANCELED. I might have to make them anyway just to do something different.We were suppose to play at a friends house today. Canceled due to icy roads and my laziness. Tony is able to work though which is good. Paychecks have been little lately due to all this crazy weather.
On a good note, I received an important letter yesterday. I now have a tax account number to start working as a pottery instructor. I hope they still want/need me. I still have some more paperwork to do but at least the ball is rolling.

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Cherrie said...

Pottery instructor sounds great. I know you are great at it....I have pieces that you have made to prove it. Good luck!