Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hammered Valentine

Here are pics of the gifts we made.For Cubbies, we used pom poms and barrel art paper to make valentine cards. For daddy, I saw this cool piece of artwork and decide it would be a good new craft for the girls. They have never worked with wood and nails before. I let them "hammer" the nails in after I got them started. They really enjoyed it and we all made one for him. Wednesday we made valentine chocolate covered pretzel rods. They were suppose to be for June's Honeybee class but it was canceled due to snow. We will be making them again but with smaller shorter pretzel rods. I found that the girls only wanted to eat the pretzel that was covered in chocolate. So now that it is kid tested, mother approved, we can distribute the new ones to the kids wednesday(if we don't get snowed out again, which is possible). We are also in the process of making paper hearts from newspaper pulp. It is a much longer process than I thought so it might end up being a regular craft as opposed to a valentine craft.


Party of Five said...

The barrel art looks cool. I bet my girls would love that! Your Valentine's looks great too! Can you adopt me?

Cherrie said...

You are such a good mother. I am very proud of you. You do such cool things with your family.

theUngourmet said...

We have a couple of budding artists at our house too. I love the barrel art. How fun!