Friday, April 30, 2010

Come and get it birds!

As a craft major at DSU I took fiber arts classes. We made paper, baskets, loom weaving, surface design, book making, etc. One cool exercise we did was try to make a bird's nest like a real bird would. man, it was kinda hard. It definitely didn't look like the real thing. Real bird's nest are tightly woven and strong. I have read about people making a little thing filled with string, yarn, etc. for the birds to use in their nest. I noticed a little bird hovering over the ground and picking up things so I figured she was building a nest. The girls were playing and I was sewing the last Cubbie patch on Bay's vest outside. At first, I told the girls to go throw some thread near where the bird kept coming. Then I decided it was time to make one of those things(I don't kow what they are called). So, I grabbed a plastic bag/net that our oranges were in and the girls and I filled it with dried grass, thread, strips of ribbon I cut, string, yarn, fresh grass, flowers, and leaves. The last three probably won't make it in the nest but it was fun for the girls. Maybe once the green grass dries out it can be used. I hung it near the bird feeder hoping that when they came to eat they would see that there is also building supplies. Not sure if that is the best place for it. I haven't seen any birds taking anything from it yet. It looks kind of weird and disgusting hanging there. Tony said, "what is that thing?". maybe I should move it. Wouldn't that be cool if you found a nest with purple string in it that you had given to the bird? Usually, ever year there is a nest in that "burning" bush seen in the picture above. I don't think they have made it yet so hopefully they might find interest in what we have to offer. The birds will probably laugh at this thing and never take a strand.

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