Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Suncatchers,Chopsticks,and Giggles

Here are our crayon suncatchers. It is crayon shavings between two sheets of wax paper and then ironed to melt. We cut shapes out and then hung them in the window. Cut to any seasonal shape and use whatever colors you want. Bay was sharpening her crayons one day so we just kept the shavings. You could also use a veggie peeler. I got this idea from The Artful Parent. This picture was taken on a not-so-sunny day but they are still beautful.

Here is Bay with her chopsticks from P.F. Changs restaurant. She is really good at it and wants to use them to eat often.
And here is adorable silly Junie. We are waiting for Bay at her dance class.

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Cherrie said...

Great art ideas & beautiful kids. Looking forward to your visit around June 15.