Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We have been enjoying our firepit in the evenings. There is something special about a fire to me. It makes me happy. We collect our sticks until we get a good amount and then we enjoy some family time before bed watching the fire. Bay and June like the little sparks that rise from the fire. We told them they were fire fairies. They love it. We roast marshmallows if we have them. Here we are roasting strawberry marshmallows.1st Lesson learned here: save the pink ones for cold snacks not hot ones. The regular ones are MUCH better toasted. 2nd lesson learned: When the marshmallow is consumed by fire and you begin to blow on it, make sure all little bare feet are a safe distance away. I think some may have landed on Junes feet. No burns. She is alright. Thanks to Tony, we have it on film to prove how much of an idiot I am. You can see the ball of fire and June in the process of stepping back. You will have to excuse June in her training panties. Now that it has warmed up she stays half naked so we have less laundry while we practice using the potty.

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