Monday, April 19, 2010

"God doesn't know dance"

Bay has been having little melt downs frequently at dance class. She will start to dance and then something happens in her head and she won't dance anymore. She loves her teacher and loves to dance. She gets excited every monday. When she gets in her mood and won't dance she won't tell us why. It is probably her personality and her age. I have tried a few things. In the beginning, it was dance or go home. That kinda worked. The candy as a reward from the teacher doesn't work. Now we stay and watch when she won't dance because I will not raise a quitter. Last monday, I decided to have a talk alone with Bay. I told her that if she needs anything, her teacher was there to help. "Your teacher loves you. Just ask her if you need something", I said. Then I told her that she could always pray to God if she needed Him. Bay replied, "but He doesn't know dance". Oh, yes He does. He knows about everything. Bay said, "He doesn't know me". My heart broke. "Bay he knows you. He made you", I replied. It is so easy for me to know that God created her because I felt her grow inside me. I watched her grow. I know she was created by an awesome God who knows all our troubles and worries. But how many times do we think God doesn't understand our situation? But he always does. Jesus experienced every emotion we have and he conquered all temptations. We can look to Him for hope and strength. For He is in control, not us. We have to learn to rely completely on Him. I will contiue to teach Bay this. She is like me is soooooo many ways and Tony even spoke about how she is a control freak like me. She has to have everything the way she wants it or else she freaks out. So when dance class doesn't go the way she wants it, I guess she gives up. She needs lots of love and encouragement. Thank you God for using my children to teach me about you everyday.


tcadenhead said...

Awesome post!

Matt said...

It's great that she has a mom and dad who continually reaffirm God's love for her. And you are right, the fact that Jesus was 100% human means that he can relate perfectly with our struggles and knows us all the more because of it. Great post!