Thursday, April 1, 2010

family tree

This is so cute! and affordable! Maybe a mother's day present for me. hint hint. I always love artsy family stuff with children's names on it but I hate to buy them now because I don't think our family is complete yet. sometimes I like to just blog about cool stuff so I can go back and find it later when I am ready or have the money. This is a great gift for others that I know their family is complete.


Catherine Clare said...

Annette, I adore this art project. I am so thankful for you because you have the time to find such awesome projects and I do tend to "rob" some of them from you. I hope you do not mind. I definitely want to snag this one from you. I think it will make awesome Mother's Day gifts for my mom and Paula. It will be neat to include the grandchildren in it too I think and we can leave baby leaves/buds where additions can be made...because we are not done either!

Party of Five said...

I agree. I love the Family Tree! I also love the birds nests out of Rice Krispy treats - something to do with the kiddos next year!