Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New beginnings

Thanks to a dear friend I now have new running shoes and clothing. Now to start running! I am also about to start the new pottery class today (hopefully). Not sure how many members we will have. I called to find out the last minute details: No one is officially signed up :( There are lots of interested people so maybe they will show up and then sign up. If this one doesn't work we will try again and hopefully advertise more. I truly believe this is one of Louisville's best secrets. Here is a picture of the Beechmont Community Center pottery studio. It is a nice size and pretty clean. Some tables and shelves need to be cleaned off but I can work around that. Just give me the new clay and the people and we can make something. I will figure out all the clutter and a new home for it as I go. You know artists: they keep everything! Eventually, I think I will make them sign a sheet saying they will pick up artwork by certain date or it will be trash. Too harsh?

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